ExCheck, Powerful Check Sheet using Templates.


Powerful Check Sheet using Templates

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You can widely use ExCheck from daily life to business use.

ExCheck is a powerful check sheet app using templates. ExCheck is not only checkbox styles, but also the variety of check-styles is available. You can widely use ExCheck from daily life to business use.

ExCheck manages check sheets using folders. There is dedicated folder that creates check sheets using only specific template. If you use a dedicated folder, you can easily manage the check sheet for recording. All check sheets in the dedicated folder can be output together in CSV format.

The created template can be exchanged using AirDrop. In addition, you can publish the template with a QR code (password authentication is also possible). For the check sheet created using the published template, you can also set permission for actions such as sending email, outputting CSV, JSON and so on.

ExCheck can create any check sheet.

Of course, ExCheck supports check sheets using well-known standard checkbox style.

ExCheck Travel Packing List

This example is a check sheet (using the standard checkbox style) to check your belongings before you start your trip.

In addition, ExCheck supports a variety of check styles such as date, multi-selections, telephone number, star rating and so on.

ExCheck Medical Questionnaire

This example is a check sheet with variety of check styles (string, numeric, date, multi-selection, telephone number and so on) to reply a medical questionnaire.

In ExCheck, the items in template consist of question (confirmation) content and answer-type pairs. For standard confirmation / inspection items, the answer type is a checkbox. The answer types available in ExCheck are: Checkbox, "Yes/No", String, Text, Integer, Numeric (real number), Money (price, charge, fee and etc), "Date/Time", Date, Time, "Telephone Number", Address, Rating (with stars), Single Selection and Multi-Selections.

Key Features

Various Check-styles are available.

You can easily create various check sheets that your business needs.

Output the check sheet in CSV, JSON and PDF format.

The data collected using the check sheet can be output in CSV, JSON, or PDF format according to the business application. If you output in CSV format, you can easily link with spreadsheet software.

Can publish the created template with a QR code.

If you want to distribute a template for internal use to employees, you can also distribute it with password authentication.

ExCheck is free to use on all your iOS devices.

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Download ExCheck from the Apple App Store